This Walkthrough will work it's way through the game from the starting mission through each possible branch of the game. Bear with me as this walkthrough grows - I'll be adding to it as I work my way through, from Start to it's current finish.

Character CreationEdit

You are Celeste Blake, Captain of the Drunken Cowboy. At the start of the game, you must choose 3 of 5 traits that will influence how the game plays for you, and what options you may or may not have available for actions in each quest.

  • Athlete - You are agile, strong, simply unstoppable. When it comes to your body, you are simply perfect! In game this will give you a small boost to your HP (+5). Also, it will give you new options whenever you aren't able to solve the situation with your skills as a politician. You are more threatening, after all...
  • Perceptive - Your senses are incredibly developed, beyond human limits. Nothing will happen around you without you knowing it. You will be able to obtain more information about everything around you and it will be impossible to take you by surprise. Also, this will add a small bonus to your offensive skill (+1), since you can spot any weak point.
  • Smart - You are more intelligent than most people out there, no doubt about it. Maybe you will never be called a genius, but you are clever and resourceful. This will give you more options in dialogues and whenever the events require something more than muscles. Also, if mental decay should set in, you'll have more time to deal with it (once it starts, though, you might lose the "smart" options...)
  • Sexy - You aren't simply the most beautiful girl in town, you have that certain something that makes everyone turn back to look at you. You easily charm men and women with a simple smile, making you able to persuade people to see your point of view more easily. Also, you will have more possibilities to offer sex to reach your goals. Of course, stalkers rarely follow around bad-looking people...
  • Lucky - Everything seems to go as you wish. No matter what the odds are, you always manage to get what you want without you really trying. Good things happen to you. When you are in a pinch, a new route might open for you (though you shouldn't rely only on your luck). You will get small bonuses in fights and whenever chance is involved.

I've found that most of your best options in quests seem to come with the Athlete and Sexy traits, though the Sexy trait can backfire a bit if you are trying to keep your mind sharp against ALICE's insidious whispers into your mind. Being Perceptive or Smart also opens a few other quest quirks or dialogue options, while Luck has only shown up in 1 quest dialogue that I've seen so far. I can't tell how much of a difference Luck makes in your combat vs. planning ahead for the fight you're about to be in.

Select your traits, and let's Start the Game! (For my initial Walkthrough, I'll be choosing Athletic, Perceptive, and Sexy.) Choose your difficulty level (Easy, Normal, or Compulsive Cheater), and off we go...

Prologue MissionEdit

Welcome to our quick Character introduction! We'll meet Darenzia Kasparov , your resident Mechanic and tinkerer. She keeps you on your toes with pranks and fiesty backtalk, but she's always got your best interests at heart - even if she tries to give you heart attacks at least once a day... Next up you'll meet Jane Koll , your pilot and empath you rescued from pirates a while back. She worships you, even if she won't admit it. After some quick chit-chat with your crew, during which you'll find out you're on your way to rob a dangerous mob-boss of some secret software, you'll be asked if you want to skip the first mission. If you want to skip this mission, select yes and scroll on down to your mind-altering journey into slavery--I mean, journey to save your mind.

If you don't skip it, you'll find yourself in your room on the Drunken Cowboy, with double pistols equipped and a backpack in your inventory. Selecting your picture with a right click will give you the options to examine or turn the music on/off. Any time you examine yourself, your screen will tell you by description how your mental resistance is, how drunk you are, what you are wearing, and how your traits are affecting you. On the bottom left of your screen you'll find the navigation pane, which will have a green dot on it in any direction which you can move. 


With nothing to do yet, attempt to leave the room heading west to find that you were about to leave without your HOLO-GLASSES. Since the game won't let you leave without them - and they really open up the information available to you - TAKE them and be introduced to ALICE

ALICE is your personal Virtual Intelligence program that you installed to help manage all the Bio-Mods you've installed over the years. She's got the personality of a happy-go-lucky teen, so get used to her popping in with comments at random times. There's no mute for her, so she'll always be with you. 

Head west until you reach the bridge, and your navigation screen lights up with green dots all over, and you see that you have a couple of new selections. Under "Room Objects" you'll find that Navigation Control is what you'll use to travel between planets when the option opens up, and under the Visible Characters pane you'll find you can interact - albiet on a limited scale - with Jane Koll , your pilot. Feel free to explore the rest of the ship if you like, and talk to Jane when you're ready to take on the mission by selecting "How much longer before reaching the party?" 

What? You can't take your gear down to this crime-boss' party? What a bummer! At least your crew has a plan to get them to you if you need it after you arrive. Since your gear is in the emergency stairwell, your obviously going to want to go that way - and find that you can't, until you deal with Robert Blackthorn, a man you'll run into several times through the game. You now have the chance to either flirt with the Unknown Girl, or dance with the Dancer in the hopes of getting Blackthorn to back off. If you flirt with the Unknown Girl (Cody Stark), she will turn into a quest giver in the main story line. Dancing with the Dancer (David Kane) will make a quest easier for you later on and allow you to buy grenades. You can choose only one of the two, and the character you did not choose will not appear in the game

Either way, Robert just can't take the hint, and stops you before you can sneak out the door. Now, you have a couple of options. You can try to bribe him with 50 credits to leave you alone, or if you have the Sexy trait, you can promise him a night of passion. Once he's disappeared, head south into the Emergency Stairs to collect your gear and get moving. Head up the stairs and into the 60th floor to find... A Hologram paired with a Jamming device to slow you down! Here's where your traits really start to come into play. If you have either the Smart or Perceptive traits, you can use your brains to quickly figure out which way to go by examining each room you enter, and going the direction the clue gives you. Otherwise you'll have to bull your way through the maze, where one wrong turn will put you right back at the start... However you choose to make your way through the maze, here are the directions: W, S, E, E, N, N, E.

Congratulations, you've made it through the maze into a conference room. However, before you can make it through the room you're forced to hide under a a Baddie and his hooker get it on right above you! Selecting the unknown bad guy will let you choose one of two options - Wait them out, or knock them out and continue on. Choose to wait, otherwise the only one knocked out will be you, resulting in a Game Over! Patience, my young friend... Finally they're gone! Now you can access the Terminal in the room to...liberate...the software from Mr. Nice Guy, the evil mob-boss. Once you start though, you're interrupted by him. How rude! Time for your first fight! (For more information about the battle system, you may refer here

Mob BossEdit
  • HP 20
  • Shield 20
  • Power 9
  • Shield skill 4 (Weak)

Since his shields are weak, and it's power is about even with his HP, you have 2 choices - pound it out with him, or switch to bypassing ammo from your backpack and hit him direct. Either way takes about the same amount of time, so just pound it out. Eventually he'll fall to the ground unconscious, just in time for ALICE to finish cracking the file and download it - to immediately be corrupted with a virus to turn her into a "mind-controlling, slave-maker, rogue VI!"

When you escape back to your ship, the true start of your game begins...

Main Quest - Alice in WonderlandEdit

I should find a way to solve this problem with ALICE, before she turns my brain into jelly.

Here is the overriding challenge of the game. You need to find a way to fix ALICE's programming before she retrains your brain into a pleasure loving sex slave. It turns out that before you can leave this planet to start searching for the anti-virus, you need to earn some credits to pay your docking fees, or be shot down before you even start. Fortunately for you, the planet you're docked at has a LOT of money earning options.

You wake up in the medbay of your ship after having a long conversation with your crew. They mentioned being there for you if you want to talk, so head south to the bridge, then west to visit each of their rooms. Visit with them both to get a +1 to each of their relationships with you. Head back to the bridge, then south to the Cargo Bay. This is where you'll be able to go out of your ship...once you call Tony. He'll offer you 3 easy jobs that will get you enough money together to get you off of this planet and onto the search.

  • Bodyguard(?) - A one time job as a bodyguard for 500C, starting in the Commercial District.
  • Hitting a New Low - A job as a bouncer for 200C, in the Red Light District.
  • Hunting Ray - A Bounty hunt for 3000C, starting Downtown.

Tony will also mention he has a friend in the downtown area that you can sell stuff to, and possibly buy some upgrades or unusual items from. No matter which jobs you choose to do, once you've made 200C the docking fee will automatically be pulled from your account, and you are free to leave the planet. Head down from the Cargo Bay, then Out the door. You've made it to Europa 4, a sleazeball of a planet. Fitting, considering Mr. Nice Guy makes his home here... To your west is the Station Manager, who for the right price and/or materials can upgrade your ship a bit for you. Instead, head north from your ship to the central hub of DOWNTOWN District. Take care of whatever quests you like to get your cash, then Head back to your ship, to find an optional quest outside your ship: Fourth Law of Robotics, Destroying Warehouses is OK, Go for it!

Afterward, head into your ship. Jane will immediately tell you that you're allowed to leave the planet, and recommend talking to Darenzia . Your mechanic will list off 3 people who may be able to help with your ALICE problem. 

  • Julius Dreyfus, Master Hacker gone Legit. He can be found on planet Maltik.
  • Dr. Kiefer, Top Cyberneticist, who can be found on planet Florence.
  • Kora Laverick, ALICE's Creater. She can be found on planet Verania.

When you get back to the bridge, Jane wants your attention. Telling her you're single will keep the option to go out with her open, while saying it's none of her business will put paid to that. After the conversation, pick your destination, and head out. If you chose to save Piper in the Red Light District, you'll find she's stowed away after a disturbing dream in which you're talking to yourself. You can either allow her to ship along (+2 relationship with Piper) or try to convince her to go back (+1 relationship with her).

Julius Dreyfus, Planet MaltikEdit

When you have 5000 credits, pay Darenzia, then head to Planet Maltik. Go to Dreyfus corporation, talk to "Chunk" , and ask to meet Dreyfus. Take the elevator to Dreyfus' private office. He will ask you to help him to do him a favor, by kipnapping a guy to prevent him from testifying in court. Answer yes to continue.

You will be disguised and be in Maltik Sector 1.

Restaurant Edit

Go west to Maltik Sector 6 by waiting 10 minutes, then try to kidnap in The Green World. You will see two dishwashers.

You may approach them by:

  • Bribe them (300 credits)
  • Do what they want to let you pass (If you have 0 MR, Celeste will automatically do what they ask)
  • Try to lie in order to get in

The first two options are immediate choices to enter the restaurant. If you choose "Try to lie in order to get in", you will have three excuses to choose:

  • I need to meet my stepfather, but he always refuses to talk to me...
  • My boyfriend is inside, it's our anniversary...
  • It's about a surprise birthday party...

Only the first works. Then you will:

  • Nothing like that! We just got into a fight, and I want to talk to him...
  • I'll admit it, I was having an affair with him...
  • It's a money problem, he is trying to steal my inheritance!

Only the second works. Then you will:

  • My mother found out, and he thinks I told her, but that's not true, and I am here to make up with him!
  • He doesn't like me anymore, but I want to win him back!
  • I am pregnant, and now he doesn't want to talk to me anymore, I need to see him!

Only the first works.

After you enter the restaurant, you will meet Pirandello, the target. He will invite you home.

University Edit

The University is in Sector 8, if you arrive there early, you have the option to wait for him to arrive. On your way in, Celeste will be drugged by Faith, a protester. Head North into the University, heading North again and the drugs will kick in:

1st Hallucination: ALICE will appear and ask you the population of Maltik. The answer is 500,000,000 (Smart trait shows you the answer)

Head North -> North -> West -> West -> North to find the classroom, after which Piranello will invite you to his house.

If you wander the halls too long, Celeste will have more visions.

2nd Hallucination: Celeste is attacked by a dragon. Put it down by launching a grenade - the Holy Hand Grenade.

3rd Hallucination: Celeste lives out an elaborate BDSM fantasy.

From the start East 3x and North will lead you to the pool, where Celeste can eavesdrop on two lovers.

If you dally around in the hallways too long, Celeste will miss her chance to catch Pirandello.

Pirandello's Home Edit

You will have two options each time:

  • Put on a little show for him
  • Try to knock him out

If you knock him out too early, or if you show off yourself too much, you will be put in jail, which will lead to a game over. Show him three times is enough before knocking him out.

After KO him, you bring along his body to escape, but finally escaped to a scaffolding. After going north and south, you find your escape routes surronded by maltik police offers. Examining the scaffolding, you find a curtain which leads to an escape route. Try to get inside the building from the curtain, you will enter a building under construction. Hide Pirandello inside a crate, and hide yourself inside a cabinet. The cops soon arrived, but they could not find you. You call Dreyfus to rescue you to finish the job.

Dr. Kiefer, Planet FlorenceEdit

Head into the complex and past the rude droid to the waiting room choose to wait, then head into the office. No matter which option you choose, you'll fight the sentry here.
  • HP 20
  • Shield 40
  • Power 8
  • Shield Level (Weak)
With this thing's high shield and low HP, just switch to your Bypassing Ammo and take him out. You will take 1 or 2 hits depending on how prepared you are, before you shatter it's casing and make your escape. Back in the lobby, you have 2 choices to travel. Head through the plant and you'll have to sneak by the droids by only moving when they are looking away. The option sends you through the storeroom, where you have to fire up a cargo mover to break through a wall in order to escape. The correct order is 1-3-2-5. Getting caught will wipe your mind and end up as a Game Over.
Head back out and up the corridor to find Dr. Kiefer's private lab, guarded by Ashlynn, personal Droid. Helping her will simply hand you the keycard and let you enter, while telling her no will make you be a mindless sex-bot for a while before gaining the key card - fortunately, ALICE is disabled at the same time, so the rogue VI can't take advantage of you. Unfortunately, she recovers at the same time you do...
Head into Dr. Kiefer's lab, search for clues, and read the last few entries in the data log. Head back out and talk to Ashlynn again to gain access to the hangar, which will send you down to the planet's surface. Search Dr. Kiefer's ship to find evidence that the doctor has been kidnapped! Time to track the villans..
The correct path from the start is Canyon 2 - 5 - 9 - 12 - 13 - Kidnapper's Camp. Time to figure out what to do about those Kidnappers... (Choosing the SMART option allows you to KO Mercenary B without a fight, while attacking with an explosive grenade knocks out Mercenary A)
Mercenary B
  • HP: 20
  • Shield: 40
  • Power: 9
  • Shield Level: Weak
Keep using the Bypassing Ammo to take him down about the time your shield runs out. Fortunately, your shield replenishes automatically after a fight, because here's --
Mercenary A
  • HP: 25
  • Shield: 25
  • Power:10
  • Shield Level: Strong
Use the Bypassing Ammo and Double Pistols to take this guy down. He's the hardest fight yet, though you will drop him before you get knocked out...barely. You can use a Medkit or shield booster if you are feeling unsure of the fight. Once you are finished, head in to meet Dr. Kiefer. Follow her back up to the Lab and explain your situation. She'll help you once you have more info on the software side...

Kora Laverick, Planet VeraniaEdit

Upon arriving on Verania, head down into the colony and East. You will be greeted by Kora's assistant. Continue East until you meet Kora herself, and she will explain more of the plot, but insist that she cannot help until the current situation is resolved. Return West until you have the option to enter the mine.

The Mine Crime Scene Edit

Head North to the destroyed doors, examine the Destroyed Machines and Celeste will note that they appeared to be destroyed first, before the doors. Then head East and inspect the inactive robots to see that someone must have re-programmed them from the control center. Head East again into the store room and examine it to find the explosives cabinet. Open it, examine the charges, then count the number of charges. Head back West to find the console. Check about the number of charges, check about the origin of the signal that hacked the robots, then check about the cameras. After you choose a 3rd option, you'll be attacked by a whale of a robot.

Giant Robot

  • HP: 90
  • Shield: 0
  • Weapon Power: 12
  • Shield Level: Weak

This guy just has a ton of HP, so if you have explosive grenades this is a good fight to use them. After you kill him, you are immediately returned to Kora, so make sure you do all the investigating you came to do first.

The Party Edit

After returning to Kora, she will ask what happened. Choosing "I don't know" ends the quest immediately and keeps Kora from joining the ending. Select "I think it was a fake."

Afterwards, Kora will insist on asking the human ambassador. She all but orders you to sleep with him if that's what it takes. Talk to her again to head to the party.

If you have twice pushed off Blackthorne with the sexy option, he will be waiting here. The Ambassador will offer his bedroom for him to have sex with you. Celeste has already pushed him off twice, so she must put out. You will be presented with a serious of four choices - each will have a submit option and a resistance option. Choosing all four of either path will lead to a game over as Blackthorne's slave. Mix and match however you like, but you will lose 1 MR. Afterwards, Celeste will find documents in the Ambassador's room which show that the attack was a frame-up, though you can turn around and use that against the Daikiris.

If Blackthorne is not in the picture then when you arrive, Lizzie Allers will jump between you and the ambassador and try seducing him first.

Examine the Waitress to notice the drink tray in her hand. Take a drink. From here you have a couple options.

  • Try to bring him a drink. He'll just take it and keep staring at Lizzie.
  • Spill it on Lizzie Allers. You will follow her to the bathroom when she attempts to clean up, in there you can bribe her for 2000CR or Athletic girls can attempt to intimidate her. If you don't have the money or the muscle, it fails and you are left to seduce him yourself.
  • Drink the cocktail. Celeste needs two drinks to work up the courage, after that she can compete with Lizzie for the Ambassador's attention. Doing so will cause Celeste to sleep with him, costing 1 MR. Drinking three times will lose you the option of spilling a drink on Allers. Continuing to drink four times will cause Celeste to get distracted and sleep with the wrong woman, earning the Lesbian Bondage Slave game over.
  • Have Kora throw the drink on Allers. This takes you into the bathroom as above, but since Allers doesn't see you as a rival you can Lie to her to throw her off the scent.

If you manage to get the Ambassador to the back room without sleeping with him, he'll ask questions about three suspects. (If you sleep with him, you naturally get a sex scene and Celeste sleeps through the chance to have this conversation)

For the first person, answer: "He worked for a Dakris company."

For the second person, answer: "Kora asked her to be assigned."

For the third person, answer: "It looks like she was skipping work."

If you get two or more of them correctly, the Ambassador will say that all three are red flagged files and prime suspects.

The Ambassador then offers you faked evidence to implicate the Dakris. You have the choice to lie to Kora. Choose to tell her the truth.

First select: "It might be nobody in the complex."

Second select: "They sabotaged the main console"

Third select: "They introduced a hacked robot."

Fourth select: "They stole the explosives from the mine."

Fifth select: "You suspect all three." (Multiple options work)

Getting this sequence correct means you will be jumped by the real villain on your way back to the Drunken Cowboy. She will run into some of the back tunnels of the complex.

  • Use a flash grenade to blind her
  • Use ALICE's radar (costs 1 MR)
  • Perceptive girls can track her by sound.

Whichever you choose, Celeste will get in a fistfight with her, but the saboteur will rig the mine to explode. Flip switches 1 through 6 to balance the numbers and success.

NOTE: Failing this mission at different points changes the ending.

Tony Returns Edit

After completing all three main quests, regardless of your success or failure with them, you will be contacted by Tony. He has found 7 suspects he think might be involved. Selecting them and choosing "Try to remember more" will reveal clues, but thinking too hard about the wrong suspects will waste time and ALICE will cause your MR to drop rapidly.

Select #4 and try to remember more about him. Celeste will practically start humping her bedpost, which is a pretty solid clue that it's her guy. Choose him as the suspect and Celeste will discover that he is hiding on Europa 4.

Travel to Europa 4 and speak to Jane to begin the final mission. Note that there can be a lot of combat in this mission, so it's worth a trip into the city to stock up first.

Master's Mansion Edit

Darenzia will offer you a map of the mansion for 2000CR. Purchasing it will save you a major fight later, so it's worth it if you have the money. From this point on, falling into any trap or losing any fight brings the Captured Crew ending.

You will be outside Ricky's mansion. Darenzia will ask if you want to scan the area. Say Yes three times. Head North -> North until you see the fountain. Push it aside to reveal the security console. Celeste can disable it quietly with the shock baton. If she shoots it, it will attract a guard which you can either fight or distract. The guards appear as random spawns outside, you can use Darenzia to distract guards a few times before they catch on. There are only two guards:

Guard 1

  • HP 40
  • Shield 30
  • Weapon Power 10
  • Shield Weak

Guard 2

  • HP 30
  • Shield 40
  • Weapon Power 10
  • Shield Weak

Head East -> South East -> In to find the Garage. Examine it to find rope, take the rope. If you examine the cars you will find a keycard, but you can only get it by smashing the window. Doing so will attract a guard if you haven't already KOd them both.

Leave the garage, head NW. Use the rope to swing up to the balcony. You will find Ricky's dog. If you haven't made noise, you'll just sneak past him. If you have, you can either Attack (Pet) him or toss him the Rubber Chicken from way back at the beginning of the game.

You will be in Ricky's bedroom, open the closet to find the blue keycard and a creepy shrine. Examine the room to find the diary. Read it and you'll learn Ricky's backstory and see something about "Knights." Head south into the hallway, and you'll find his security system, if you didn't disable it under the fountain. Rush it, or you could burn a shield booster. Smart girls can hit it with a logical paradox and blow it up. Head downstairs.

If you haven't KOd the guards, they may be wandering around down here. Head East into the VR room. Doing the training simulation will start to brainwash Celeste, only if you have a high MR will you be able to resist it - otherwise Game Over. Choose the Personal Notes #2 and see the list of passwords.

Head West into the Kitchen, take the knights off the chess board. Head back into the living room, but don't attempt to access the elevator. Head back upstairs, then West to the study. Examine it to find a crossword. The clue from the crossword with the notes from the VR tell you that the password is Warlock. Entering the wrong password is a Game Over. This gets you the authorization to head downstairs.

Head back downstairs, and engage the elevator.

Master's Dungeon Edit

Close to the lair now. Head West to find the biometric scanner. If you purchased the plans, you can select Bypass and head NorthEast directly into the final challenge. If not, head North to find one big freaking robot.

Security Bot

  • HP 50
  • Shield 40
  • Weapon Power 12
  • Shield Weak

This guy hits like a truck, but you should be pretty comfortable with fights by now. Head North again to find the security console. Activate it, and Celeste will be handcuffed to the machine and drugged. You'll have to shoot off the lock. Head back South -> South -> Northeast into Ricky's chamber.

The finale plays out differently depending on how long you took to get there and the choices you made along the way.

Final Challenge #1 Edit

The most direct ending is a fight. Celeste will be strong enough to resist Master's final attempts to control her, and you will be forced to take him on directly.

Ricky Schwartz

  • HP: 20
  • Shield: 100
  • Attack Power 9
  • Shield Strength 7 (Strong)

He is the last fight in the game, so don't hold anything back. Hammer him with all the grenades you have and use any healing you need to.

Final Challenge #2 Edit

If Celeste has taken too long, she will be too weak to resist Master when he commands her to drop her guns. She will black out and wake up nearly a bimbo. You will be in Ricky's bedroom. Head South -> East into the game room and try to dust. Being such a bimbo, you forgot the duster, dummy! Head West -> Down into the living room. The Guard will attempt to paw at you. Resist him each time you can, the more subservient you are, the faster the Game Over comes up upon you. Head into the kitchen, examine to find the duster. Grab the duster and head back upstairs to the game room and dust it.

Celeste will now say she has to sweep the bedroom. Head into the hall and open the closet. Take the broom and head north into the bedroom and clean it. She'll then learn she has to make dinner. Head downstairs (keeping the broom when your training asks you to put it back) and head into the VR room to the East. Examine it to find the box, then attempt to get the box. Celeste will knock it down with the broom.

Head West to the Kitchen and examine it to find the pill bottle, take it even though master doesn't want you to. Make dinner. Examine again to find the whiskey. Take that as well. Mix them together, then head back to the VR room. Drink the concoction and Celeste will get pissed off. Grab the gun and she'll go get her ass-whipping revenge.

Final Challenge #3 Edit

If Celeste has a moderate amount of indoctrination, she will fall into a trance, but Master will need to finish it off with some brainwashing. Celeste will be strapped to a medical table and hypnotized with lights and headphones. Examine the table to find the Medical Cart. Struggle against your ankle cuffs twice until her legs are free, then kick the medical cart towards yourself. Then attempt to grab the scalpel twice and Celeste will free herself and get her revenge. Fail too many times and Master will test her programming. Third time is game over.

After leaving the first planet you visit, you can visit Jane to get +1 to your relationship with her. You have another nightmare/personal vision on traveling to your second planet. That's gonna leave a mark! Once you arrive, talk to Jane again to get another +1 to your relationship. You can also talk to Piper if she joined your crew for another +1 to that relationship. Moving back to the Bridge, Jane will flag you down and take you shopping. Telling her it was fun will keep her relationship with you open, while saying you don't have the time shuts her down. Head over and talk to Darenzia as well for another +1 in her relationship with you.
After leaving the second planet, if you have Piper in the crew, she'll slip into your room to sleep. Sending her to her own room disappoints her, while letting her sleep with you gives you a +1 to your relationship and later giving a -1 to your relationship with Jane. Visiting Piper's room afterward will make you choose to embrace the feeling and become her girlfriend, or take a cold shower, passing up that relationship.

Return to Europa 4Edit

When you first return to Europa 4, you'll immediately be captured by Mr. Nice Guy, the mob boss you tried to steal from in the prologue mission. You'll wind up in a cell with no gear. You'll have a few options on how to get out of the cell.
  • Wait for an opportunity. Game over, pain slut!
  • Fake an illness, and knock out the guard.
  • If you have the Sexy trait, seduce the guard and knock him out.
    • Screwing him will lower your MR by 1. If your MR is already at 0, Celeste will be overcome and you'll have no choice but to screw the guard.
Once you're free, you can examine the other cell to find a note. Gibberish!'s a Cryptix! Swap the letters around to find that "the falcon is on verania search the turtle". Ooh, a new quest! Move back out of the cell and to the guard station. No wonder you had a weak guard. Take him head on, then wait for him to make the first move. Any other choices here result in the Pain Slut game over. Moving on, search the armory to the south for a broken electro-baton, and the security room to the north to find your gear and a key to the security door between the two rooms. Unlock it, and start up those god-forsaken stairs...
Choose your path next - Darenzia or Jane!

Jane PathEdit

Head out of the Containment Area after freeing Piper, and head into the small office. Search the room twice to find the PC, and a picture with the owner's girlfriend (?) and name on it. Enter LYNN for the password on the PC to enable it. Search the documents to find a note about keys in the security room. Head out and east, after hearing the conversation of the guards go back to the office computer. Use the PC to tell the guards to patrol the perimeter - otherwise you're caught and you pick up with Celeste again...
Head back that way, and snag the keys from the Security room after scaring the cleaning lady. Poor girl! Anyway, head into the stairwell...and into a side passage marked Stardust. Head straight into the locker room to find a temporary pass. Head back out, north to the central office area, then west to the elevator area. Mental Scan the guard to find out he wants coffee. Back to the office area and south to find 3 people at the water cooler. Scan all 3 to find Jenny's lost her elevator key, David feels it's pointless to have a medical key if he can't get to it, and Rick knows something about David.
Head to Rick's office to the north to take the video, then back to the group. Approach them, and persuade David to leave and let you in. Search Jenny's desk, then head back out and talk to her again to find the true location of the Elevator Key. Don't bother picking it up yet...back to the lab, then into Lab 2. Tell the Doc that you're a researcher, and he will send you for a vial of M-023, whatever THAT is. Jenny will try to get you in trouble, while going with Rick will get the right info. Pick up the Key card while you're there, then head back to the refrigerated room and take the vials. Head back to Doc, and he'll give you the code to his personal lab. Head out, and enter the code on the keypad in the lab. Step inside, loot the 3 medkits from the medicine locker, and head on out. On your way through the office area, search office 01 to obtain information about nividium temporarily stored in dock 57, and pick up the syringe from the hidden cache in office 4. Knock out the guard at the elevator with a mental blast, step in, and off you go...

Darenzia PathEdit

  • You can get 500C and a choice of a shield upgrade or a ring out of this (ring is worth 1000C or +2 RP with any girl except Darenzia).
  • Lockpick the wooden door: Down - Right.
  • After you see the guard, go back and use Intercom to distract him. Return to where the guard was and examine the room. Take the fire extinguisher. Leave the room and return to knock out the guard with it. Decrypt the radio if you want the shield upgrade or don't bother if you want the ring.
  • Go east to the empty office and search the cubicles. Lockpick the Metal box: Up - Right to get the Red keycard.
  • IF you decided to decrypt the code: Go to the elevator and press the button, then go back to the guard and use the elevator.
  • IF you decided to not decrypt the code: go south then west and pick up the toolbox. Go to the elevator and press the button. Try to hack the controls. Scan with Remora and go east to the storage room. Scan again. Lockpick the box (4-4-1-2). Use Remora to upload your fingerprints into the Control Unit and to look up escape routes. Go back, drug the guard, and use the elevator.
  • Lockpick Apartment 02: Up - Up - Up and hide in the closet to get the Yellow keycard.
  • Listen to the radio for the decrypted message if you chose that before you go to Apartment 04 to get the shield upgrade.
  • Go to Apartment 05 and drink twice to get the Small Security Key.
  • Go to Apartment 06 to get the Elevator Key.
  • If you did not decrypt the radio go to Apartment 07 and Search it to find an air duct.
  • Now open the security door outside Apartment 06 & 07 with the two color keycards. Use the small security key for 500 credits. If you decrypted the radio head out for the elevator.
  • If not then pick locks at random to find the ring and then go to 07 and escape through air duct.

After the Jane or Darenzia path, we return to Celeste. Edit

Engage the fighting drone with bypassing ammo. Alternatively, you can run to avoid the fight. Take the secretary to the 20th floor. ECM will disable all the turrets while explosive should weaken them. ALICE help would affect your MR by -1. If you have Boo the Hamster as a follower, he will take out the turrets for you.
You'll have to fight Boris, Mr. Nice Guy's right-hand goon.
  • HP: 30
  • Shield: 25
  • Attack Power: 10
  • Shield Strength: 5 (Strong)

Losing here is a Game Over. It's worth using an ECM Grenade and Explosive grenade, along with a shield booster if you have one. Use your utility, equip your shotgun, and you should make it through.

If you play it safe during your encounter with Mr. Nice guy, you get +2 relationship with whoever you save. Mr. Nice guy however takes his chance and runs away. If you take the risk, you get -2 relationship instead in exchange for the elimination of Mr. Nice guy for good.
Remember to look up Darenzia for the follow up. She will let you know about the shield upgrade and baton batteries renewal.

Unknown planet Edit

If you keep the bracelet, this quest will be triggered when you next trying to leave Europa 4, unless you are heading to Janus or Kantor.
Celeste goes missing from the ship. After discussing with Jane, and Piper if she is on board, Darenzia will take up the leader role as the group of three searching for Celeste. You have your all too familiar Remora, needles and lockpick if you pick the Darenzia Path on your encounter with Mr. Nice Guy.
You can find a Golden Idol by Examining Cave Entrance and then Looking Closer.
You can get Golden Plate by picking it up in the workshop, setting it down and then using Arc Welder on the robot (use Ramora to reveal Arc Welder)
You can get by the first guard by having Piper with you or by cracking his nuts (latter option loses you a needle).
You can get by second guard by asking Piper to deal with the guard, or by using your needles.
You can get by Metroid creature by using the flute (three times first note, one time fourth) or by using Jane's abilities to find herbs at cave entrance and using them.
You can get by the Door by getting right combination (78 76 13) or by using Jane's abilities.
You can get by Elite Guard by using your needles or by sneaking.
You had at the start 3 needles and 2 uses of Jane's ability. You need at least two of those in any combination at the end not to get Bad Ended. So if you don't have Piper with you, you have to use flute and you have to sneak by Elite Guard. Otherwise you lose.

Optional Events - Europa 4Edit

  • While riding on the Train between Districts, you may be felt up by someone on the train. Getting turned on lowers your MR by 1, kicking the crap out of them keeps your stats the same.
    • If you get turned on the person will return and feel you up again. If you get turned on again (Lower MR by 1) he will return a third time.
      • At the third time you have a choice. Refusing him will remove him from the game permanently. Agree to public sex and it's a game over.

Patrons - Buy some drinks, try to collect rumorsEdit

If you buy patrons drinks in any of the bars on Europa 4, you may find some optional quest lines as well.
Rumors mean buying drinks to the patrons, drunk means getting too drunk.
Random stuff of no consequence is not mentioned.
  • Drunk: Striptease - one time in every bar, gives you -1 MR each time. If do it three times you get Bad Ended. In Downtown you get 150C for that.
  • Rumor: Red Light District - Geoffrey Fenty lives in the Residential District. He wants to hire a Private Eye.
  • Drunk: Red Light District - You may be stopped by Jane. Remind her who is Commander = -1 Relationship, kiss her= +1 Relationship.
  • Rumor: Downtown District - You may be introduced to Michael, an information broker.
  • Rumor: Downtown District - Orlando hangs out at the Nightclub in the Red Light District. Talk to him about joining the Dragon Guild.
  • Drunk: Downtown District - Michelle, to fuck or not to fuck? If help and not to fuck +1 MR
  • Drunk: Downtown District - Brawl: get arrested. -1000C or -1 MR
  • Rumor: Commercial District - Uncle Jay wants YOU! - Jay Kendrick needs people for a package retrieval.
  • Drunk: Commercial District - Arm wrestle Namak. Nets you 200C if you are Athletic or you lose 100C if not.
  • Drunk: Commercial District - You may run into a woman and tear her dress. Pay her 500C or work for her, gaining 150C and lowering your MR by 1.

Commercial District Edit

Random EventsEdit

  • You may see a group of street dancers. Fantasizing about one lowers your MR by 1.
  • You might see someone being taken in a game of 3 Card Monte. Helping him nets you 200C.
  • You may be offered a photoshoot here. Get 300C if regular, 500C if nude. Also opens you up for a second photoshoot later on Kantor
  • Lose 50C to get rid of annoying tour guide
  • Shopping spree - in Indoctrination is >20

Vendor - MaxEdit

Max is trying to sell his home. He wants 3000C for it. if you're smart, you can get a 50% discount. Buying this will open up the Construction shop and let you purchase some useful upgrades for the game. Once you purchase the base, you can access it from the Navigation Console by selecting Short Range Routes. This also opens up Soklova Construction.

Vendor - Crystal Edit

Can be found to the east of Max, will not become available until you own the home.

  • Constructing the Workshop will allow Darenzia to make you weapon mods.
  • Constructing the healing pod will allow for free healings.
  • Constructing the VR upgrade (do corridor first) will allow for advanced VR modules
  • Completing several upgrades will allow Crystal to make you a bar inside.
  • A complete renovation will play into the post-ending scenes.

Visiting Crystal frequently may lead to a small scene where you party with her.

Vendor - HughEdit

  • Model of the Drunken Cowboy (50C)
  • Lava Lamp (30C)
  • Vertigo Movie Poster (10C)
  • Music Box (100C)
  • Chessboard (150C)
  • Toy Celeste Doll (30C)
  • Small Painting (50C)
Hugh is a cynical guy who could care less if you actually buy anything. Most of his stuff is actually junk, but you can find a gift or two in here as well.


Ride the Monorail to the Commercial District, and step into Jester's Bar to the north. Inside, you'll see the Bartender and Patrons. Asking the Bartender about James Carlile will point him out in the crowd to you, and now you can talk to him about that job he offered. It turns out, he's heading out of town for the night, and needs a bodyguard for his unruly daughter. Since she doesn't really like having a bodyguard, he's hoping that a female one wouldn't be quite as bad. Accept the job, and you'll automatically be taken to his mansion where you'll meed Veronika Carlile, your charge for the night. She wants to play a Drinking Game with you - she'll ask a question, and if you get it wrong, you have to take a shot! 
  • Her favorite color is: Blue. if you have the Lucky trait, this one is pointed out to you.
  • If 12+25=62 and 20+17=54, then 33+33= 99. If you have the Smart trait, this one is automatically answered for you.
  • You can't touch them, but they can touch you. They are weightless, yet they can burden you. You carry them with you all the time, even when you want to throw them away... What am I talking about? Memories.
If you get 1 wrong, you'll still complete the mission and get your 500C in the morning. Miss 2...and you'll have a wild night with Veronika, and wind up Marrying her - which is a Game over for you, even if Mr. Carlile does get rid of your ALICE problem for you...

Uncle Jay wants YOU! Edit

After hearing about Jay Kendricks' mission, head West from the Monorail to Kendricks' hall. He will run you through some tests to determine if you are strong enough for the mission. First is a shooting gallery, click the compass rose corresponding to the target's spot on the screen. If you hit them all perfectly, you will receive 500CR. Missing more than 2 is a failure and the quest ends. Second is an endurance test. Choose Fast -> Steady -> Steady -> Steady -> Fast to complete the trial.

You will be taken to an icy planet and told you have a short amount of time to recover a box from a ship that is ready to explode. Follow the path until you are forced to make a choice about which way to go.

Choosing the shorter option will lead you into another shooting minigame, where you must kill beasts before they kill your crew. Don't forget to reload! If the beasts overrun you, you get the Telepathich Alien Slave ending.

Choosing the long route will lead you to an icy lake. Choose to make your way across it carefully. Clay may challenge your leadership. You can seduce him to get him to back off.

After either path, you will be confronted with a huge monster. If you lost people to the beasts, choose find another path. If you came over the lake, you can throw explosives at it. Either way you should be at the ship. Examine the door. If you have the explosives you can blow it open, or if you have a full crew you can force it open. Head inside and take the crate, provided you didn't take too long, you should be able to head back and complete the quest.

Red Light DistrictEdit

Random EventsEdit

  • You may see a Dominatrix taking her slave for a walk. Finding it Exciting will lower your MR by 1, while being infuriated will let your mind be (raise MR by 1). (If MR is 0, Celeste has no choice)
  • You may hear a scream in the distance and run to the find she freaked out over a bat. No changes either way but entertaining.
  • You may be stopped by a man who want to hire you as a prostitute. After decking him, you'll pay the police 200C (also opens you for a photo-shoot later on with a couple of grenades as a reward. Read your mail!).
  • You may be pickpocketed. If you have the Perceptive trait, you'll figure it out before he can take anything if not you lose an item in this order (if you don't have one move to the next)

Medkit -> Flash Grenade -> Explosive Grenade -> ECM.

  • Overhear a couple of guys discussing you if you starred in 2 or more movies.
  • Cosmetic surgery ad event - if Indoctrination is higher than 20

Vendor - Vinnie (Sin Bin)Edit

Vinnie is a sleazy womanizer who's trying to make a buck. He only sells 4 items.
  • Sexy Lingerie (300C) - used in a random event on your ship later in the game, or to look good for your significant other - when you have one.
  • Sexy Black Dress (500C) - It's a very nice looking dress. It's not too revealing, considering where they sell it, but it's also tight enough to leave little to the imagination. It comes with its own panties, which you assume means it has to be worn without a bra on.
  • Vibrator (100C) - a Buzzing Source of Orgasms...according to the box. You can use this in your room on the ship.
  • Story of O VR Module (200C) - Useable after upgrading the VR module in your spacebase if you bought it from Max in the Commercial District. Watching once lowers your MR by 1. Watching twice sends you straight to your new Master, reprogrammed to be a slave...and a Game Over. Really? You wanted to watch this when you're trying to AVOID becoming a mindless slave?
  • Project Domme VR Module (200c) - Also useable after upgrading the space base. Watching it 3 times will prompt you to change places from the Dominatrix to the Slave, and choosing that will bring a Game Over.

In the Dragon's LairEdit

If you've heard Orlando hangs out in the Nightclub, talk to Lisa to find Orlando. Ask him about joining the guild, and he'll give you a trial mission - find Parad0x the hacker, and show him it's not a good idea to mess with the Dragon Guild...
Note: Completing this quest seems to lock out "the falcon is on verania search the turtle" Quest. If you are a member of the Dragon's lair you cannot join "The Falcon" on verania.
Call Tony, who tells you there is a 5000C reward on Parad0x's head. He'll also send you to meet with Jens White in the Downtown District. Head there, ring the doorbell and step inside. Chat with Jens to find out that you'll need to find out your target's official address, and that he likes to hang out at strip joints. Off to the Police station to find that info... When you step outside, Tony calls you. After you update him, he'll tell you to talk to Detective Hill.
Once you talk with Detective hill, you have a couple of options to get access to the database.
  • Pay 800C.
  • Seduce him. Lowers your MR by 1.
  • Try to trick him into sex at a later date. Doesn't work.
  • If you have the Smart trait, you can talk him into lowering the price to 400C.
Now you have a name, picture and address. Head to the Residential District to find his address is a parking lot. Head to the Titty Twister to find him in the crowd. Looks like you need to get him out of there.
  • Try to Seduce him. Gets you in without hassle.
  • Try to Befriend him.
  • Follow him when he leaves.
if you have to follow him, you'll need to hack his door lock.
  • Using ALICE will lower your MR by 1.
  • Using Darenzia's program gives you 3 chances to unlock the door. The code is different each game, so good luck. If you fail, the door explodes and you fail the mission.
Once you're inside, you'll eventually take him down and have to choose whether to turn him in (Lets you into the Dragon Guild - which is incomplete as of this release) or not (He will occassionally pay you 2000C when you visit him after some main questline progress, but locks you out of the Dragon Guild).

Hitting a New LowEdit

Take the Monorail to the Red Light District, and enter the Nightclub to the East. Inside, you will see a Stripper, Lisa, and Patrons. The Stripper's name is Dakota, which you'll find out if you watch her performance. Talk to Lisa to ask about the Bouncer's job, and she'll direct you to the office to talk to the Nightclub boss. You have 2 basic options here, work as a bouncer for 200C, or a waitress for 300C. If you have the Sexy trait, he'll offer you the Stripper job for 400C as well.
  • Bouncer - If you beat the crap out of the punks, the Boss will cut your pay to 100C. If you have the Athletic trait, you can scare them off and get full pay.
  • Waitress - You'll work with Lisa tonight. Select "Start Taking Orders" from the Customers. When you're offered the chance to leave with Charlie, choosing No will net you an orgasm and 300C. Choosing Yes will net you a Night with Charlie, 500C, and one less Mental Resistance (MR) to ALICE.
  • Stripper - This will net you 400C and one less MR. However, it will also let you come back at a later time and do it again...
If you promised Blackthorn a night of passion during the Prologue Mission, he shows up in front of the Nightclub Boss's door before you can get paid. You'll have 2 options again.
  • Resort to Violence - He won't bother you again, but you won't get paid.
  • If you have the Sexy trait, you can convince him you'll meet with him some other time again.
After any choice where you get paid by the Nightclub Boss, you'll also get a "discount" on private lap dances in the future.

Downtown DistrictEdit

Random EventsEdit

  • You may be pickpocketed. If you have the Athletic Trait, you catch him with no problem and are rewarded 300C, if not he steals 100C from you
  • You may meet Ambassador Mallori, the new Yamain Ambassador. He will open a new area (The Embassy) in residential district. He will bring you to a relaxation room in the Embassy, in which you can relax to restore MR. However, if you relax with your MR full, Alice will take the advantage to control you, and reduce your MR by 1.
    • You can relax twice to refill MR by one each time. After that, each time you relax it reduces MR by 1. Relax to much and you get a game over.
  • You may find 200C if you are Lucky
  • You may meet Malena here (three meetings to start the romance, don't do that if you already have a girlfriend :P)
  • Get catcalled if Indoctrination is higher than 20

Vendor - Shipyard ManagerEdit

He'll offer to upgrade your Ship's Engines after you talk to him. Upgrading your ship engines allows you to make more trips before ALICE takes over.
  • Full Price (3200C)
  • Provide Nividium (2000C)
  • Provide Chemicals (2200C)
  • Provide both (1000C)

Vendor - Patrick Hamlin (Sahara)Edit

He'll sell you combat upgrades and is a quest giver.
Can also build you an attack drone if you provide him Drone Dynamo Core, Drone Weapons (from Florence's hidden base) and Drone Chassis for 500C.
  • Pistol upgrade (1500C) - +1 to your Pistols' power.
  • Shotgun upgrade (1500C) - +2 to your Shotgun's Power.
  • Shield Upgrade (1700C) - +5 to your HP.
You can sell to him those objects:
  • Golden Bracelet (the one that leads you to Unkown Planet) - 200C
  • Bob's Gun - 800C
  • Rubber Chicken (from Gelon's warehouse) - can't sell but get a mention of Monkey Island
  • Starfire Replica - 350C
  • Precious Ring (from Darenzia's path in Mr Nice Guy's lair) - 1000C
  • Dynamo Core - if you try to sell it he will offer you to build a drone
  • Nividium - 1000C
  • Nividium Chemicals - 800C
  • Statuette (from Alexis) - 800C
  • Nanites Pill - 1500C
  • Pocket Watch - 300C
  • Golden Idol - 1000C (also starts an archeology quest)
  • Golden Plate - 1000C (also starts an archeology quest)

Vendor - Dr. Stevens (Clinic)Edit

  • She will sell you medkits for 300C each.
  • If you found the strange chemicals in another quest, she will identify them for 200C.

Vendor - Jagged Jimmy JEdit

3J carries some mind altering drugs. They do have some advantages, but some nasty side effects.
  • Mentas (400C) - Makes you smart, then dumber after a while.
  • Red Fury (300C) - Pain block, with increased damage done after wearing off.
  • Dark Wonder (200C) - Makes your dreams real for an hour. Random side effect.

Malena Edit

You will meet a fan of you, whose name is Malena. Accepting her the first two times seems to have no effect. Accepting her the third time, she will bring you to her home. If you drink the drugged drink, you will sleep with her, which may harm your relationship with your crew members, and you may not be able to date your crew members.

Hunting Ray Edit

This is a longer quest, and will involve a lot of travel for your reward. You may ask David Kane in Residential District for the information of Ray, he will tell you to find Nessa in Red Light District, but that will skip the fight (and a chance to earn credits) with Bob. Start off in the Downtown District, and make sure you have at least 300C on you. Talk to Holly in the Death Horse Pub, and ask about Ray. (Talking to the bartenders in other secions of town first can be entertaining, but useless.) When you try to leave the pub after getting no information, you'll be stopped by someone else who is also looking for Ray and wants to team up. Pay Bob his 300C for the information on where Ray lives, or if you have the Sexy trait, you can offer "Something Else" for the information. Either way, follow Bob to Ray's apartment in the Residential District. Examine the door if you have the Perceptive trait to reveal a Secret Button that will unlock the door for you, or you can use a grenade to blow it open, or use ALICE to unlock it. Fair warning, using ALICE will lower your MR by 1 each time you use her. Once you're in, you need to fight Bob!
  • HP 14
  • Shield 35
  • Power 10
  • Shield Level 5 (Strong)
Since Bob has such a high shield and a low HP, equip the Bypassing Ammo before you start the fight to make things MUCH easier on yourself. He'll drop and give you more info about the time that you run out of shield from his attacks. Take his gun for an easy 800C when you sell it, then head to the Red Light District. Continue to the Titty Twister in the Northwest Corner. The first time you come here, you will always have the option to help a girl being led away from the building. Doing so will introduce you to Piper, an optional character for you to interact with. Either way, head inside and talk to Madame Trixie to be introduced to the girls. Talk to Nessa, who will tell you he's left the planet and gone to Kantor. Time to hit the Road!
  • Sleeping with any of the prostitutes costs 200CR and 1 MR
  • If you saved Piper outside, Celeste will refuse to sleep with her. If you did not save Piper outside, then Celeste will be willing.

Once you're at Kantor, talk to Bernadette and ask about Ray. She's got info already - apparently Ray's well known here. You can either bribe her (200C) or promise to do her a favor instead. Choosing the favor will open up the Optional Quest - Neptune Bar. Head south to Dock 13. Sneak around the Bad guy into the ship, and search the control room and cargo rooms to find the info you need. The game will automatically move you to the Mines of Kantor...

Head down into the mines. You can collect a shield booster from the first room on the left if you have the Perceptive trait. Continue into the mine. You may head east to underground lake and explore the lake to search for broken pocket watch. Head west to find Ray bossing a crew mining Nividium. Wait for them to leave, then head down and use the All Purpose Mech to wreak havoc on the crew. If you have the Smart trait, you'll lay them all out by sabotaging the mech, otherwise you'll chase Ray down a dead end and have to fight him.
  • HP: 15
  • Shield: 20
  • Power: 8
  • Shield Level: Weak
He's another simple fight, keep the Bypassing ammo and Double pistols equipped to take him down easily. Either way, after Ray is taken down and the police are called in, you get paid 3000C for your work. Nice job!

Celeste Blake, Errand GirlEdit

Talk to Patrick Hamlin inside the Safara store. He'll hand you a briefcase and tell you to deliver it to his contact named Steve in the Shark Club, located in the Entertainment District. When you try to hand the briefcase to him, he freaks out and dashes out the door. You'll chase him to a large abandoned warehouse, where you'll have to follow the sounds you hear to catch up to him. Once you've found him, you have 3 options:
  • Raise your hands in a nonthreatening move, which scares him even more and he runs off.
  • Toss a flash grenade to stun him, and give him the briefcase.
  • If you have the Athletic trait, you can tackle him and force him to take the briefcase.
Once you've given him the briefcase, he'll give you a gold bracelet worth 200C. Head back to Patrick Hamlin to collect your 100C reward.
  • The bracelet will open the mysterious planet side missions the next time you go into hyperspace. Sell it to avoid the missions.

Successful at the quest will open up further quests: Who am I, Rocky Balboa?

Fourth Law of Robotics: Destoying Warehouses it's OK, go for it!Edit

Gellon and Tamar are arguing outside your ship. Apparently, a robo-worker is trashing their warehouse. Offer to help them, and you'll be taken to the warehouse to stop it!
Search the offices to find out that Tamar is apparently stealing from the business. Step out of the office and head north to the control room, where you will see Crane Controls. If you have the Smart trait, you can use them to take out the robo-worker without a fight and collect the rewards below. Otherwise, head downstairs to take it on.
  • HP 70
  • Shield 10
  • Power 7
  • Shield Level 3 (Weak)
This guy can be a pain. Just keep pounding away with your pistols and eventually he drops. You can use explosive grenades to hurry the fight along after you drop his minimal shield. Use a shield booster or medkit if you need to, though you'll drop him before you get knocked out even with no grenades used. If you lose the fight, you'll spend some time in jail and reach a Game Over. After the battle, collect your rewards: a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle, a medkit, and if you got to the robo-worker quick enough Crate 3 will have some unknown chemicles for you. Take the Chemicles to the Clinic in the Downtown District and have Dr. Stevens identify them for you for 200C. Congrats, those will lower your engine upgrade costs!
When you leave the warehouse, you have to decide what to do with the info about Tamar. Blackmailing him nets you 500C, and lower your relationship points with Jane by 1. Letting Gellon know opens him up to receive a free item in the Commercial District at a later date.

Who am I, Rocky Balboa? Edit

Talk to Patrick Hamlin some time in the future after you success with his first quest may draw you to further optional quests.
The first involve collecting overdue rent from uncooperative tenants. The quest is easy. Walk in, collect the rent and go back to Hamlin. Note that each tenants can be convinced by at least one of your traits. Successful with all the collection will net you 300C, 20% of the rent you collect. You have the opportunity to let Mr. Andersen slide on the rent in exchange for more later, but you will have to make up his share yourself. If you do, come back later and he will make good.
The second quest involve helping a police officer to dispense some evidence. After telling Breanne that you are ready, you will be sent to the basement of the police office for your task. Since this part of the game runs real time, and failing the quest hangs the Rags engines, you may want to read through the next paragraphs before hitting the ready button.
When you are in the basement, you will see that there are two guards, the orange dots, moving anticlockwise. You are the green dot, at the lower left corner. The point of the game is that you should not let the orange dot and green dot be in the same room. Move your character and make sure that your green dot do not overlap with the orange dot. East and East. Wait until the Orange dot to come out from the office and move north before you go North and East inside the office. Once there, right click on the room icon and select Hide. You now have all the time for yourself. It would not be a straight game over when the guard come in. Examine the desk to find an eraser. Select the officer and pick "distract".
When the guard gets out next time, Unhide yourself, turn off the light, throw the eraser, then goes back to Hide.
Wait until the guard comes and goes. Follow him until you reach the monitor room. Unlock. Open door. South. Close the door. Turn off camera. Move out. Close the door. Move to the empty room. Move the bookcase. Let the books hit you. You are done. It will net you 2000C. Sweet.

Residential DistrictEdit

A Dish Best Served ColdEdit

If you talked to the Unknown Girl in the Prologue Mission, she will be known as Cody Stark. Talk to her and ask her about a job. As you leave the apartment, she will tell you to talk to her friend, Ashley Neumann. In the otherhand, if you meet David Kane the first time, after you leave his house, he will tell you about a job from his neighbor Ashley Neumann. Apparently, Ashley wants you to bring her ex back to her apartment for some revenge.
Head to Alexis' apartment in the Residential District and search his PC to find he's going clubbing. When you step out of the apartment, you're automatically taken to the club, where the Bouncer stops you.
  • Pay him 100C to let you in.
  • Ask what you can do to convince him.
    • Doing what he asks will get you in, but lower your MR by 1
    • Not doing so means you'll fail your mission.
  • If you have the Sexy trait, you can give him a kiss and a vague promise to let you in.
Once you're inside, it's easy to find Alexis. You need to approach him and convince him to come home with you.
  • Appraoch him by:
    • Hard to Get.
    • Flirt a Little. (Best Choice)
    • Throw yourself at him. (Good choice)
  • Tell him you are:
    • A mercenary. (Good choice)
    • A Sectretary.
    • A TV Network exec. (Best Choice)
  • Drink the cocktail.
  • Tell him you like:
    • His Eyes. (Good choice)
    • His Hands.
    • His Body (Best Choice)
Get him to leave the bar with you, and you'll end up taking him to Ashley's apartment and collect a cool 1000C. Fail, and you'll have to ambush him, which only gets you 500C. You'll also have the opportunity to sleep with Ashley if you Stay, at the penalty of 1 MR.
After finishing this quest, Alexis will be transformed into an Asian female. You will meet him in Residential District and he will ask you to help him to take back to his original male form. If you agree, it will net you a 800C gift and a Nanites Pill which can restore your health or be sold for 1500C.
Also, if you don't she will become a stripper in the nightclub and you won't be able to work as one there anymore it seems.

 Spy vs. SpyEdit

If you found that Geoffrey Fenty is looking for a Private Eye, visit the Condo to knock on his door. He'll offer you 1500C to retrieve some stolen property for him. Once you agree, you're sent to his former partner's home. Examine the Front Yard to find an open window. Climb through that window, and search the bedroom you're in to find a closed and locked safe. Looks like you'll need to head to the basement to cut the power to the safe. Be careful, and keep quiet. You can search the bathroom twice to find a medkit. Head downstairs into the living room where Zack Silver is You can watch to for a sex scene, but do so three times and it's a game over.
Whatever, keep going into the kitchen, which you can search twice to find a copy of the Story of O VR module. If you've upgraded the optional Space Base's VR, you can take this. Head downstairs to the basement and find the power box. You have some options on how to disable this:
  • Let ALICE hack it. Lower's your MR by 1.
  • Use Darenzia's program. Code 1-4-1-2-3-2-5 to turn the power off.
  • If you repaired the Baton you picked up in another mission, you can use this to short it out, but it will make noise to do so.
Failing the mission by making too much noise or meeting Zack at the door ends up in a latex clad, tattooed Game Over..

Entertainment DistrictEdit

The first time you visit the Theater here, you can watch the Illusionist. Staying off the stage leaves you unchanged. Going onstage lowers your MR by 1. It will also leave an imprint in your mind, making you go to the Residential district and eventually end up as his mindless sex slave, earning a Game Over.
After watching the Illusionist show, you can return to the theater for additional sidequests, including one where you take the place of an actress.
The Movie Theatre will randomly allow you to watch a film, raising your MR by 1.

Random EventsEdit

  • You may see a couple stumbling down the road. You overhear the password to the VIP area of the Shark Club. You will be offered 500C to pick a new President of their group. Head outside the bar to be stopped by Mr. Callahan. If you have the Sexy trait, you can up his bribe from 500C to 1000C. Head back in to chat with Ms. Allen, who will offer you 400C. She'll up her bid to a 50% off card that helps in any basic electronics shop if you have the Smart trait. Finally, head back to the VIP area to hear Mr. McGraw's offer - 600C, or a Flash Grenade if you have the Perceptive trait. Gather everyone and make your vote.
  • You may save a young girl who gets knocked around by the crowds. She gives you a flower in thanks.
  • You may find a coupon for a free book here
  • A random meeting with an old friend. Of no consequence.
  • Lots of sex fantasy - if Indoctrination is >30 (means you have to go on final quest right now or you boned)

Optional Events - FlorenceEdit

Before leaving Dr. Kiefer's base, there are a couple of things you can do if you want.
  • Make your way through and you can talk with the Maintenance Droid in the Maintenance Room on the west side of the ship, and tell it you'll help it get it's revenge. He'll open a new passage and you can pick up night-vision upgrade to your holo-glasses from the VI inside.
  • Talking to the droid in the entertainment room three times is an automatic game over. 
  • After completing Dr. Kiefer's quest, you can return to Florence and sleep with Ashlynn the sex-bot. 
There are a few other things you can do in these canyons as well.
  • Heading East from Canyon 5 will take you to a Gem. Prying it out will take your shield level down by one. Not a wise idea; moving on.
  • Heading East from canyon 9 will give you Boo, an intelligent hamster.
  • Canyon 3 has a trip wire trap that will damage you if you don't have the Athletic trait, but moving past it with the night vision upgrade will get you to a hidden underground base. Boo will wait outside if you picked him up earlier.
    • The code to get in is 3-5-7-9.
    • Head West and take the elevator down. Choosing to search the Weapon room will net you an unusable weapon for 350C, Ammo room a flash Grenade and Medlab a medkit. Once you step back out of any room though, the rooms cave in and you can't get the other items, so choose wisely.
    • Head upstairs to meet John, a paranoid researcher. Touching the icon in his lab results in a Mindless Game Over...did you expect anything less from a paranoid guy?
    • Reading John's notes in his room will let you discover this is where Boo comes from.

Optional Events - KantorEdit

  • The first time you travel into Kantor City, whether from the Mines or the Docking Bay, you'll be stopped by the local Police. Rude, but at least you know they are watching you.
  • The first time you go to the Commercial District, you'll see your picture you took for the photo shoot if you did that back on Europa 4.

Random EventsEdit

  • You may meet Darenzia wearing a bikini. Telling her it looks good is +1 relationship. It's Nice does nothing, while telling her take it back is -1.
  • You may meet a Queso offering you 300C for directions to the Docking Bay. You can either take the money or explain he was conned.
  • You may meet Tyler Kent, TV idol. This will be referenced later if you follow the modeling plot.
  • You may see a drakeet which ALICE makes some comments. You may have your MR reduce by 1 depending on your response. (MR=0 then Celeste will fantasize about it)
  • You may meet a group of girls playing volleyball, you will automatically join them.
  • You may meet a random hunky stranger. Celeste has the option to sleep with him for a penalty of 1 MR (If MR is 0 you may not have the choice).
  • You may run into a group of male volleyball players on the beach. They will convince Celeste to flash them.

Vendor - High Tech EquipmentEdit

  • Exploration Suit (4000C) - enables travel in hazardous climates. Can't buy it yet - No hazardous planets!
  • Shield Output Modulator (3500C) - upgrades your Shield Level by 1.

Vendor - Jewelry StoreEdit

  • Earrings (400C) - give as a gift or keep in your room.
  • Matching Rings (1500C) - Can only be bought and shared with someone you're in a serious relationship with.

Optional Encounter - The Lonely MermaidEdit

  • Drink in the Lonely Mermaid until you pass out to meet Autumn in the house above the bar.
  • Drink again to have Autumn mention you can't hook up with Russell if you're always drunk.
  • Drink one more time to end up playing strip poker with her - and losing!
  • You may meet two guys, if you follow them, it will lead to an immediate game over.
  • You may meet a bikini babe. If you fantasize her you may have your MR reduce by 1.
  • You may (if you completed the Neptune Bar quest), see Justin again, who comes on to you. Sleeping with him will net you another 200 CR but cost you 1 MR.

Optional Quest - Neptune BarEdit

If you offered to do Bernadette a favor for information on Ray Wallace, she will ask you to pay her friend at the Neptune Bar near the beach a visit and find out why she's so upset these days. You can't leave the planet till you do, so go visit. When you step in, you can beat the crap out of the thug or wait. Either option brings the boss in, and you now have to either pay 3000C or go out to dinner with him and play him up to the crowd. It's easier to go out with the boss for a night.
How did you come to be with Justin tonight?
  • He tamed me. (Good Answer)
  • I charmed him. 
  • He has his ways. (Best Answer)
Going to retire?
  • Justin decides. (Good Answer)
  • Celeste decides.
  • We haven't talked about it. (Best Answer)
How to clean his pants?
  • Get on your knees. (Good Answer)
  • He can do it himself.
  • Don't make a big deal of it. (Best Answer)
If you piss him off, it's a Mindless Slut Game Over. If you act really subservient, you'll net 400C but lower your MR by 1. If you make it through without either of those, you save the bar - and yourself...
After leaving the bar you'll meet the local Police again. Hovering crew they are!

Optional Events - Maltik Edit

Random Encounter Edit

  • You may meet a beauty, in which ALICE calls her Honey Tits.
  • You may meet two Zakaries arguing. If you have the smart trait, you can give them a lengthy lecture on how to properly distribute tasks, if which you will be awarded 200 credits.
  • You are trying to make your way through the crowd, but end up bumping against someone. Then you are accused of pickpocting. After a cop arrived, you ask your accuser to check his pockets. Finally your accuser find out his wallet, which is not in the usual pocket.
  • When you are in Drunken Cowboy or in the space base, talk to Darenzia. Somehow she will tell you about a disturbance she is having. If you press on, she will tell you about her trouble and you can help her to see Matt and solve this once and for all.
    • You can do what you want to try to help Darenzia to get the favor of Matt.
    • Darenzia will take over from time to time. Note her Remora will be playing a major role in this quest. So if you hit a dead end, try her Remora.
    • The few hints you will need in this quest:
      • Door: Up Left Up Left
      • PC: 142 - 986 - 573
      • Solenoids: 1234
      • Circuit board: S N S W W N W E W W N E N E N N
    • There are two ways to succeed. The first is to crack Matt's safe and find the evidence to break his blackmail. You have four nights in which to do so. During the day, Celeste can attempt to win Matt over by sleeping with him, at a penalty of 1 MR. If you fail to crack the safe, but Celeste has seduced Matt, he will offer you a contract as a porn star. Periodically, you will get a message from him to return to Maltik and film.
    • Success in this quest will net you +4 relationship with Darenzia.
  • When you are in Drunken Cowboy or in the space base, talk to Jane and let her bring up her worries about her friend Alicia. You gain +2 relationship with Jane when you finished this quest. If you manage to bring Alicia back without using force, you gain another +2 relationship.
  • Buying rounds in Mordin's Bar to find clues will eventually reveal the presence of a gym for augmented people on Maltik. If you head there, the Gym owner will offer you a yearly membership for 1500CR. Head inside and to the gym floor and you can exercise twice to gain a temporary +4 to your health. While exercising, Celeste has the option of ogling the other gymgoers (MR of 0 means she will regardless). If you check them out, Celeste will lose 1 MR, become horny and sleep with a stranger in the locker room when you leave. You can periodically return to the gym to get the +4 health back, but it does not stack up and the stranger does not return.

Optional Quest - Trican's Dispenser Edit

After arriving on Maltik, there is a quest dispenser available as soon as you leave the ship. Ask it if there is work available and it will suggest a short delivery run to a nearby moon. If you accept, the delivery goes well but the Drunken Cowboy is damaged and marooned on the planet. Callius, the local junkyard owner, offers to sponsor Celeste in a pod race if she gambles her freedom against the parts to fix it.

Go out from the garage and find Callius. When you are ready to race, speak to her, but don't do so now as the race is unwinnable unless you get at least one upgrade.

Head East -> North -> East to find the pod racing track. Talk to the old man and tell him you want to test the track out. Choose to drive normally, and he will be impressed. He will tell you the key to winning the race is the last obstacle.

  • If you face the loop -> Attack the inside
  • If you are passing the big rock pillar -> Go Right
  • If you are passing the chicane -> Go Left

Go back West -> South -> South and you will find a farmhouse. Examine the farmhouse to find a broken speeder. Ask him about the speeder to learn he needs more water for his farm. Head North -> North -> North to reach the water treatment plant. When you ask about the water, the worker will agree if you offer to twerk in skimpy clothing for him.

  • Agree to do it and he'll be impressed and offer the water, but Celeste loses 1 MR (Note, if Celeste has MR of 0 she will have to twerk)
  • Choose to threaten him and he will agree, but your hostility antagonizes both the old man at the track and the bouncer at the bar, locking you out from the other upgrade.
  • (Sexy) Celeste can simply whisper naughtiness in his ear to pass, without lowering MR.

Return to the farmer and tell him and you will receive the Thrusters.

From the Farm, head North -> North -> West to reach the market. If you examine the market, you can purchase an ECM or Frag grenade for 400CR. North one more time into the Bar. Pay 50CR to listen for gossip and you'll meet a man complaining about his crashed speeder in the desert.

  • Pay him 200CR for the information
  • (Smart) Convince him it's useless and he'll tell you anyway
  • Intimidate him. This will get the info but you'll be thrown out of the bar and barred from the other upgrade.

Go South -> East -> South -> Southwest to the wreck site. Head inside and search the speeder for the parts. Afterwards head NE -> West -> In to return to your garage and have Darenzia install your parts. Now you are ready to race.

There will be a crash in front of you

  • Use the dune on the left (Good answer)
  • Slow down (Bad answer)

You'll be tailing the leader, looking for your chance

  • Wait for an opportunity (Good answer)
  • Jump ahead and hope for the best (Bad answer)

Finally, you'll be presented with the final obstacle (unless you made no mistakes). Read the text from the old man above and pick the corresponding move.

Success returns you to Maltik with 500CR. Failing the race earns the Harem Trophy game over.

Optional Quest - Mordin's Bar Edit

On Maltik's lower level, you will find a bar with Mordin as the bartender. Ask him for a drink and he will warn you against it. If you insist, he'll serve you a drink that knocks you out cold. Celeste will be kidnapped by pirates and locked naked in a cage.

Inspect the three elements of the cage, and she'll conclude that you have to talk your way out. Talk to the pirate, and appeal to his jealousy. Shouldn't he get something for once, etc, then offer yourself as a slave. He will take you to the captain and ask you to dance. Dance twice before making a play for the gun. Jump too early, and Celeste is cold-cocked gets the Sold into Slavery ending. Dance three times, and the Pirates will keep her for themselves, earning the Cum Dump ending. Escaping the pirates earns you 500CR.