Jane Koll, Navigator and Empath.

"Jane Koll, human, age 20, female. Pilot of the Drunken Cowboy. She was kidnapped as a child by slavers, and she was freed only by a raid you conducted on a pirate base a couple of years ago... She was the unwilling subject of a series of illegal brain implants. They were trying to create a soldier capable to easily read minds, but they only managed to turn her into an empath. An easily overpowered by other people's emotions one, thus making the technology useless in battle. As if this wasn't enough, it caused her to lose all of her previous memories. They tried to make up for some of their expenses by selling her as a sex slave.  Her new "gift" made her perfect for this new job (she would end up being as horny as her partner, no matter how much she despised them). When you freed her, she showed great abilities on piloting the escape pod you used to leave the exploding base. She sees you as her saviour and swore to never leave your side. As all of her family was reported dead and she had nowhere to go, you took her in (the fact that you were in desperate need of a cheap pilot had nothing to do with your decision...). Lately, her abilities seem to have grown more, but she doesn't like to talk about it, so you are unsure of what her full potential is."