Celeste Blake, Captain, Bounty Hunter...Slave?

You are Celeste Blake, mercenary of astounding fame. Amongst certain circles, you are considered a living legend, beautiful and deadly.Edit

"Celeste Blake, human, age 25, female. Captain of the Drunken Cowboy. Your Mother died when you were still a child. Your father is alive and well, but he still holds a grudge with you since you left home, when you were only 16. You still keep in contact, mainly consisting of random insults thrown at you and suggestions about "settling down and giving him grandchildren"... You have a younger sister, Amy, who still lives with your father. You two are close, even though you don't have that many chances to talk with each other. As far as you know, you are the good one between you two and this explains why your father isn't aging that well... In the last few years you made a name for yourself in the "guns for hire" business. You are almost a legend and you became the universal scapegoat for anything involving big explosions and urban devastation..."


You wield either 2 Pistols or 1 shotgun as your normal weaponry. Both of these weapons can be upgraded in the game slightly. Gotta love force fields - excellent shielding without the bulky armor to cover that beautiful form...You'll start with 20 HP (25 if you chose the Athletic Trait), 20 Shield points, A Shield level of 4, a Mental Resistance (MR) of 5, and 100 Credits. 


Calculated as follows (if your MR is less than 4) with every space travel (not short routes). If travel will rise your indoctrination above 40 you lose the game.

  • +7  
  • -MR 
  • -1 If upgraded engine 
  • -1 if Smart 
  • -1 if finished Kora's quest 
  • -2 if Easy Mode 
  • -1 if watched a movie before travel (does not work if Indoctrination >15)