ALICE, your Virtual Intelligence...and Temptress?

"... Alice isn't human. She isn't an alien, either. Her real name is Advanced Local Intelligence for Cybernetic Enhancements, and she is a virtual intelligence that helps you with using your implants. You have installed bio-mods in your body over the years to keep having an edge on your enemies, but managing such augmentations becomes too hard for your mind in the long run, so you had to install a VI to manage the stress the use of the implants would cause on your brain. She is also useful for tactical advice in the field, since interfacing with the holo-glasses allows her to see what you see and hear what you hear..."

ALICE and YouEdit

ALICE is the program corrupted in your first mission by a virus to transform your mind into a lusty, bimbo-licious slave-slut for her hidden MASTER. The more like a slave or sexual toy you act like in the game, the closer she is to achieving her goal. She will randomly spout off something during your movements and interactions with other people, hoping to convince you to be naked, a slut, a slave, or all three at once. Some of her comments are quite funny, but your job is to resist as long as you possibly can...